Excitement for the Draft as fans bring the noise to Dallas

Dallas, TX- Fans have come from different walks of the world to see this year’s NFL Draft that is located in Dallas. There was a lot of Cowboys’ fans in the area, but what was shocking was the number of Cleveland Browns’ fans that was attendance. The “Dog Pound” fans are pretty excited about the players that they could possibly get. They could possibly get another QB or either a running back that could help out on their offensive struggles, but honestly let’s face it, they need to get a strong linebacker that can change the game. “We have to be very aggressive in who we get and make sure that that individual is going to be a great fit for the Browns. The Browns have a lot of potential this year and I like the trades that we picked up, but I would like to see us build that defense up,” said a fan.

Another fan base that had a strong following during the draft is the Jaguars. The Jaguars’ are happy that Bortles will be in Jacksonville for some time. One fan compared him to being the “Aaron Rodgers” for the Jags. “He has the heart of a champion and knows how to manage his team. He has a long ball at times that gets away from him at times, but he is still learning and growing,” said Brad, who is a Jags’ fan.

Dallas has brought a lot of cultured diversities together for this weekend to watch these young men have their reality changed forever. The question that everyone is asking is who will the Browns pick. In just a few minutes, America will see who will be the number pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

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